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A Boat Full Of Circuit-Gays Sunk Off The Coast Of Puerto Vallarta And Twitter Is Having A Field Day

Source - The “PV Delice”, a party boat with approximately 60 gay men aboard capsized on New Year’s Eve during the late afternoon, sending all aboard into the water. Photos and videos shared to social media showed dozens of people bobbing in the water and being pulled onto surrounding boats. All passengers have been reported safe.

The Video:

First of all, I'm required to say "thank god everyone's alright" even though I literally couldn't care less. I just think it's hilarious how up and arms gay twitter is over this video when in reality half the people who are upset would've gone on that same trip had they have gotten the invite. That said, the responses to the footage on twitter have been absolutely fantastic...

^^That last one is about a nurse who raised $20k for his COVID recovery only to get caught publicly spending it on a trip to Puerto Vallarta. I swear to god I'm not making that up. You can read more about it here

Regardless, I guess this serves them right. No one got hurt but everyone got scared. Imagine how terrifying that must've been? Jumping into the ocean, drunk, not knowing whether or not you're going to be saved. Not to mention the fact that you're in a goddamn speedo outside of #beachszn. Lucky for them around 10 fishing boats came to the rescue but still, what a nightmare. 

I reached out to the party promoter to see if he wants to come on Out & About to talk about what happened but something tells me he won't respond. Oh well. New episode with Monique Heart drops tomorrow afternoon. Be sure to subscribe HERE