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UFC Fighter "Platinum" Mike Perry Posted A Video Of Him Sitting In A Pool Of His Own Blood On Instagram Last Night

Well, uh, happy new year, ladies and gentlemen! 

Unfortunately, UFC welterweight "Platinum" Mike Perry doesn't appear to be subscribed to the whole ~new year, new me~ mantra many people got goin on, because according to his Instagram account - he is back on his bullshit.

Perry took to his IG story late last night to share a video of himself sitting in a pool of his own blood, with a shattered glass door behind him, where he says, "What the fuck am I supposed to do about this?!", as he shows off a nasty ankle laceration. 

…to answer your question, Mike: call an ambulance.

We've got no context or further information on this video as of this writing, but it certainly doesn't look great, and being that Perry is about to become a father (in what - literally days? weeks?), I'm just hoping the best for him and his family. The guy's clearly got issues, he REALLY didn't have himself the best year in 2020, where he made headlines for drunkenly knocking out an old employee in a bar, firing his whole team, and dabbing on the scale while he missed weight, and it feels like every blog I write about the guy gets a little more tailspiny, which I hate

I wanna make jokes about "Platinum" Mike Perry auctioning off his cornering spots, or walking out to the wrong music and singing along anyway - not writing THESE blogs….trust me! I don't think anybody wants to see him get to the point 'Mayhem Miller' did!

(Mayhem is actually doing pretty well, now, by the way)

Perry acknowledged that he had an alcohol problem to the UFC and committed to get substance and behavioral counseling this past Summer, so hopefully they step in at this point (if they haven't already) to help get him the support/resources he needs to get on the right path. Never wanna see a family have to go through drama like that. 

UPDATE: Perry later posted a video of him getting stitched up, and then one of him walking his dog. So he's good. He also tweeted this….