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The Philadelphia Eagles End The 2020 Season With A Hard Fought, Honest Fight On The Gridiron

What a good, clean, hard fought match on the gridiron!  Hooray for all teams who participated in this National Football League contest!  Huzzah!  Congrats to the 7-9 Washington Football Team on their success!  Hopefully they keep it to within triple digits representing the NFC East vs the Bucs at home next week!  Also is Jalen Hurts the greatest 1-3 franchise QB ever?  Call in to Philly Sports Radio tomorrow until the end of time to discuss! 

Wait...what's that?  You say the Eagles TANKED this game by starting practice squad players and benching Jalen Hurts, who was a franchise QB worth 7-20 for 72 yards at the time he was pulled??? Hogwash!  Howie Roseman said it best when they drafted Jalen Hurts in the second round directly after giving Carson Wentz a franchise record contract - PHILADELPHIA IS A QB FACTORY!!! Why not put in Nate "Suddy" Sudfeld to see if he's got some mustard the Eagles haven't seen in the previous 3+ years they've been blowing him on the roster!  The more QB's the better, baby!  Keep on churning them out!  

All jokes aside, that was...something. The Philadelphia Eagles are a damn disgrace right now, and it starts at the top.  If Jason Kelce leaves his cleats on the field Tim Riggins style I wouldn't blame him one bit.

The Eagles made their bed and now we're all going to have to sleep in it.  Wentz, whether you still believe in him or not, is done here.  He has to be, and after the reports today it's basically a done deal.  Now the #6 overall pick will be selected by most likely the same people who did, among a billion other things, this: 

Best buckle up.  This is going to get a lot more bumpy before it gets better.  And boy oh boy do I hate being right all the time.  

PS - Hilarious.  I mean...Jesus.