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Derrick Henry Is A Man Amongst Boys; Becomes The 8th Player Ever With Over 2,000 Rushing Yards In A Season

I've been on 2K watch for a few weeks now, and all it took was a nice trip to Houston for Derrick Henry to kick it into hear. Coming into todays game vs Houston he was at 1,777 yards, just 223 shy of 2,000. For a lot of other running backs the conversation would have been "ah he had a good year but he won't get 2K." That's a walk in the park for Henry, especially against thus putrid Houston defense. Just in this game alone he ripped off runs of 45, 28, and 52. Best running back in football and its not close. Especially in the second half of the season. Good luck trying to tackle this horse when it drops below 40 degrees and he's running full speed at you. He can also stiff arm you if needed. 

There are his game logs from this season, pretty amazing for a guy his size to do it all season. We saw him really turn it on the second half of last year, he decided to work a full schedule in 2020. God bless the Texans too, 3 straight 200 yard rushing games for Henry against them. There are very few running backs that you should pay in the NFL anymore, he's showing why he's one of the special ones and deserved that nice payday last summer. 

Nice little list there for Derrick to join!

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