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Does Anybody Get Shafted Like The Detroit Lions Get Shafted?

Detroit Free Press

How bad was that roughing the passer call?

I’m not exaggerating when I say it was one of the worst calls I’ve seen while watching football, at any level, over my lifetime. I didn’t have a problem with the lack of a face-guarding call on Anthony Hitchens in the playoff loss at Dallas. And I could even understand how the refs could make a case for the complete-the-process-of-the-catch call against Calvin Johnson. But this? There seemed to be no evidence to indicate Tracy Walker did anything but tackle Kirk Cousins for a fourth-down stop. Instead, the Vikings got a fresh set of downs and came away with six points courtesy of terrible officiating. I don’t believe the NFL or the referees have it out for the Lions. But I sometimes think they see players wearing Honolulu Blue and Silver and instinctively don’t give them the benefit of the doubt on questionable plays.

Another season another gawd-awful referee hachet job on the Detroit Lions.

A tradition unlike any other.

Granted, this Lions season was over the second the team announced Matt Patricia would be returning, and this wasn't as crucial a game in the grand scheme of things as say the Megatron shaft job in Chicago-


Or…say your teams first playoff game in centuries where you were cruising until referee Pete Morelli decided to take things into his hands and overturn a clear pass interference flag.

Or in 2012 playing the Texans where a play was clearly dead yet refs let it continue for a ridiculous TD. Add to it that psychopath Jim Schwartz was unable to challenge it and it was straight vinegar in the wound

Or one of the most preposterous endings to a game I’ve ever seen. I was actually at this game in 2017. 

The Lions marched downfield on a 2-minute comeback drive. Golden Tate caught what appeared to be a game-winning TD. But not so fast. The refs reviewed it, reversed it, and then hit Detroit with a ten-second runoff, ending the game. Wham bam. 

Wild stuff.

But Lions fans have come to expect it.

Nobody gets fucked, like the Lions get fucked.

The Lions are essentially the "ying" to the Green Bay Packer's "yang".

Giphy Images.

Have you ever seen a team that has more breaks go their way than the Green Bay Packers? They get every call, every lucky turnover, and they still suck. 

(sidebar- I've tried to write several blogs on just this subject alone that haven't seen the light of day so not gonna push it with multiple paragraphs but you get the point)

There's no better example of the dicotamy between the two than the infamous "Trey Flowers Hands To The Face Game" last year.

This one was so bad Tessitore and Booger were voicing their outrage over the calls and they somehow managed to get worse as the game went on. Climaxing with the Trey Flowers gift wrapped call for Aaron and the boys.

I'm on the record as having tons of sympathy for my Lions fan friends. Great people. Salt of the Earth just like Browns, and Bills fans but with better hygiene and longer life expectancies. 

They didn't deserve to have the greatest running back of all time retire in his prime. 

They didn't deserve to have one of the greatest WR's of all time to retire in his prime.

They don't deserve an owner who eats souls and clearly has a deal with the devil where the more she tortures her fanbase the longer she's allowed to live.

And they don't deserve to be fucked over by Dean Blandino's goon squad on a yearly basis. 

Let Detroit Live!

h/t K-man

p.s. - let's not forget this all-time video