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We Talkin' About Asses? - Because We Got High Episode 1 Out TOMORROW

Oh damn who are those 3 sexy bitches?? Lol it's me, Ria and Brianna. Don't you have eyes?

It's here. We have a new show (download, rate, subscribe, on Spotify too) called Because We Got High. The first episode is out at MIDNIGHT, subscribe now so you don't miss it!

What's it about, you ask? Well, it's not about anything. It's about everything. A-Z, literally. It'll be the three of us discussing any topic you can think of. Alcohol? Check. Anxiety? Check. Asses? Check. And that's just episode 1. 

We'll also have an Open Mic Night segment where we'll be taking YOUR funny thoughts and stories about each topic every week. This will eventually be done by voicemail, so follow along and make sure you don't miss your chance to submit and be a special guest. 

Lastly, and probably our personal favorite, we have the Table Read segment. We'll be acting out scenes from movies/TV. When I say acting, I mean acting. We're getting into it. There will be yelling!! Tears!! Monologues! We'll be at the Oscars in no time. 

Give it a shot. You'll laugh, it'll get your brain moving, we're all going to be having a good time. Plus, the merch is fantastic. That'll be out tomorrow as well. 

One of our first topics - Asses - got off the rails quick. We talk about why people are so obsessed with #Ass, whether or not we would prefer to squeeze, slap or clap those cheeks, why cartoons are always made with WAGONS, and we declare that everyone should have to disclose whether or not their ass is fake. For the readers of this website, and as a thank you for SUBSCRIBING (you did, right???) here are some of our favorites:

How will this NOT be a smash hit??