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The Barstool Fund - Durf's Family Restaurant

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Family owned and operated for over 40 years, Durf’s Family Restaurant has earned the reputation as Fairport’s hidden gem thanks to its extensive breakfast and brunch menus.



Reader Email


My name is Daphne Croop and my grandparents started a small restaurant in Fairport, NY. The diner is a hole in the wall many refer to as Durf’s Family Restaurant. My grandfather recently had a stroke this past winter in the midst of Covid and my grandma an intestinal infection. My Aunt, Kathy, has taken over and we have already taken out a small loan to get through the first shutdown. 

From hungover college students to Sunday church goers, we are there for one and all! It’s a melting pot of individuals from our local community brought together by the delicious homemade food. We have homemade clam chowder, Belgium waffles, breakfast whammy’s, breakfast landfills and the best homemade raspberry jam. Picture a clean dingy room with all your grandfather’s prized taxidermy on the wall. Black checkered cloth tables lined against the wall. Pieced together stools at a breakfast bar with each of us yelling, “corner!” as we come around. Old ladies pissed off that we haven’t topped off their coffee and hungover college kids with their heads on the table, it’s a hoot and a half! 

The restaurant is a safe haven for my family as it’s always there in our darkest days for somewhere to fall back on. Everyone of my family members can attest to that statement, we are a family and we work together (literally). I worked there as soon as I could stand up tall on a stool to reach the dishwasher! It is one place that I learned to have a strong work ethic. I can promise to send THE BEST New England clam chowder your way with the best homemade raspberry jam if the Barstool Organization was to lend us a hand. I am sure you have plenty of people reaching for help!!! I apologize for being another, but it will mean a lot even when you read this️.

Thank you for taking the time to hear our story! 

Stay safe and healthy, 

Happy Holidays - Daphne Croop