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Tonight Just Proved That Even I Can Still Be Shocked About How Much Of A Genius Coach Cal Is

I know I shouldn't be this way when we're coming up on 12 years as Cal as head coach of Kentucky, but every so often I find myself short of breath, completely taken aback about how much of a goddamn genius this man is. He flat out refused to play Dontaie Allen earlier this year. REFUSED to play him might even be an understatement. Why does that matter? Allen is the 4-star kid from Kentucky who is a lights out shooter. Guess what this team needed? Shooting. A guy that can actually make shots. Pretty important in the year of 2021 in college basketball. So what happens? This genius asshole strikes again! 

Ho hum 23 points, 7-for-11 from three and really handed Kentucky the win. Not too shabby! But it's even better than that. Cal made sure to get himself ejected - a move he loves to make. 

The man is always a step ahead. Just when you think you have Kentucky at 1-6 and looking like complete shit this happens. Then again it's not shocking. Calipari has quite literally never lost to Mississippi State while at Kentucky. A smooth 15-0 against them. Great slump buster down there in Starkville. Mind you Terrence Clarke, one of the top recruits in the class from last year, didn't even play in the game. Doesn't matter because Dontaie Allen is here: 

He even became the second biggest trend in America

Then again Kentucky moves the needle so not surprising. People can complain all they want, but Kentucky is what people care about. Nothing like waking up and knowing that Cal is going to be a step ahead. Probably wanted to go 2-6 to motivate his team. Probably decided to bench Dontaie Allen so he could take over the news cycle on a Saturday night. 

Pretty good day to be a Wildcat

Best 2-6 team these eyes have ever seen. Dontaie Allen is here. Kentucky is back.