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Asshole Of The Year Candidate: Baseball Writer Voting For The Hall Of Fame For The First Time Submits a Blank Ballot

There continues to be no bigger group of self centered, insufferable, sanctimonious, egotistical, smug group of pricks than the Baseball Hall of Fame voters. It takes some real serious set of balls to wait as long as you have to in order to become a voter and then when you finally get that opportunity you choose to submit a blank ballot. Ten years this motherfucker waited for his moment to submit a blank sheet. It's such an all-time asshole move you kinda have to respect it. "Those that I believe performed at a Hall of Fame level on the field did not reach that threshold in such areas as character and integrity." Spare me. How are the new voters for the HOF just as bad as the stubborn olds we've grown to despise? I've long said they need to just completely reset the voting process and bring in new blood. Everyone who currently has a vote has to go so you don't take any chances. Clearly that won't work either. Why can't we just vote for the best baseball players? You think everyone in the hall right now had a clean slate and was a good person? Boy do I have some bad news for you. If you cannot tell the story of baseball without those players then they deserve to get in. Simple as that. 

I hope David Skretta has a horrible evening. I hope the batteries in his remote stop working and he doesn't have new ones ready to go. When he goes out to the store to get new ones he drives over a nail and has to deal with a busted tire. As he goes to get the spare from his trunk he locks himself out of his car and no one stops to help him. This dude doesn't deserve happiness or joy. You don't deserve to have the power to vote for the baseball hall of fame and do the "look at me I'm a hero" schtick. I say this as politely as humanly possible, go fuck yourself dude. Kick him off the tour, Doug. First time voting, and hopefully the last. 

P.S. If you want to go the no steroids angle then you're still a loser, but then what did Scott Rolen or Andruw Jones do to you? I do not understand not giving those guys a vote in the slightest. This guy stinks. 

P.P.S. I realize by writing this blog I'm giving him the publicity and attention he wants. I apologize for that, but I can't help myself here.