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It’s A New Year And A New Dallas Cowboys And We’re Going To The Playoffs

It’s a New Year and guess what? THE DALLAS COWBOYS ARE UNDEFEATED in 2021. 

Who cares that everyone else is, too? Not me. 

Do you want to start a new year with cantankerous skepticism and negativity? Or do you want to project hope and overflowing optimism to go along with your fresh 2021 resolution? 

You choose. 

I choose hope. 

And what a day to choose hope -- on the one-year anniversary of an event no real Cowboys fan ever believed would actually happen. Happy Jason Garrett Got Fired Day, everyone!

Kind of fitting that the next game after this anniversary that the Boys play against him and his antiquated offense. 

Seriously. I should not be as optimistic about things as I actually am.

But the truth is, if there is one time to be turning things around, to possibly be “peaking” from a relative football perspective, it's December. 

But, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. There are a few snags.

Safety Darian Thompson and DT Justin Hamilton were placed on the COVID list Friday, meaning the Cowboys are down two starters from last week. With LVE and CB Rashard Robinson already ruled out, that’s four starters on defense not lining up. NOT IDEAL. 

Thank god this team is playing the Giants to close this baby out. Fingers crossed Danny Dimes and company don’t make the boys look silly in a de facto elimination game. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. The Cowboys offense is DANGEROUS. The Giants offense is, well, offensive. That’ll be the story of the game. Expect a LOT of this:

And of course, all Cowboys fans will be scoreboard watching Saturday night to see the WFT shit the bed. There’s good news and bad news in the lead up to this game.

The bad news first. The Eagles are without NINE PLAYERS for Sunday night's game, including Fletcher Cox, Derek Barnett, Miles Sanders, Dallas Goedert, and (shockingly) DeSean Jackson. Fuck.

The good news? This quote from Eagles DC and the King of Blitzes Jim Schwartz: “We have a division opponent that’s going to try to celebrate on our field. We got to have a no-hat rule this week. We can’t let opponents put division (championship) hats on at The Linc.”


Giphy Images.

This should actually become an amendment to the Constitution. NO ONE celebrates on your front lawn except you. 

I choose hope. And Schwartz’ Sam and Mike blitz scheme. And WFT’s gimpy QBs getting fried. I love Alex Smith and his comeback story, but, not today folks. 

NOT. Today. 

PREDICTION: Cowboys 40 Giants 21