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The Cleveland Browns, And Baker Mayfield, Stepped Up And Did A Really Incredible Thing To Honor A Dying Browns' Fan's Last Wish For Tomorrow

Got this email today from somebody that wished to remain anonymous, about a cause I thought should get some attention:

I wanted to reach out to you about something pretty cool that’s happening right now. 

A friend of mine runs a Cleveland browns Instagram  page called @angrybrownsfans 

He found out about a browns fan that is dying of cancer right now and went Into hospice days ago. 

So my friend who runs this Browns meme account/podcast started a go fund me with a goal of $1,200 to buy the man with cancer a flight for him and his father to Cleveland and a ticket to the game. He ended up raising over $8k which will also go to help pay the medical bills left for his family after he passed away soon. 

My friend who runs the account also has interviewed baker mayfield for his podcast before and reached out to baker to see if he could do something for the dying fan. Baker recorded a video for him and also Emily Mayfield is giving away her suite for the game so that the dying fan can have all of his friends and family there with him. 

The friend of mine who runs the account will most likely want to remain nameless, but I think this would make for a really cool blog or IG post or something. When I read what he was doing and saw the money he raised and the fact that he got Baker involved, it brought tears to my eyes. 

I think if you share his story, more people will donate to the go fund me and help the dying fan pay off all the medical bills after he passes. 

Also I know you have ties to Cleveland so I figured you would be the best guy to share the story. 

Like I said I’ve been a fan for years. I’ve seen you at Tao, met you at Joe’s on Weed for the Derby once and follow your posts ever since I found out about you through barstool. Hopefully you read this and have a happy new year! Looking forward to trying Uproar soon!

Here is the link to the go fund me

Disclaimer: I categorized this gofundme under “Mission, Faith, and Church”. This is not a mission trip. The category selections are limited, I will explain my rationale at the end of this post. Bear with me.

Happy new year, my loyal Dawgs of War. I come to you on behalf of a man named Tom Seipel. Tom is a husband, father, pastor, missionary, and all around great dude who has been battling kidney cancer for the past three years. In the past few weeks, Tom was placed into hospice. His time on this earth is coming to an end. Tom is also a diehard Browns fan (I probably should have lead with that fact). I found Tom when he made a post on the Browns Reddit page (s/browns). In my opinion, this is the greatest community of Browns fans that exists. A screen capture of Tom’s goodbye post to his brothers and sisters in the community is shown below:

“Thanks for the memories and fun. I’ll keep rooting with Eric Turner and Otto Graham. F*ck Cancer.”

I immediately started stalking this dude on all levels of social media. Turns out he did mission trips all across South America through the church I grew up attending. Small world? I think not. I personally took that as a sign from the big man upstairs.

On Christmas Eve, I reached out to Emily Mayfield to see if she knew anyone who could help make Tom’s final days a little more special. Within hours, Tom received this video from Baker Mayfield:

The video is Baker telling Tom how inspiring his battle is (highly summarized, just watch the video). It meant the world to Tom. Emily and Baker Mayfield have hearts of gold. I am proud of who they are on and off the field. Cleveland is lucky to call them their own. 

I believe that the Cleveland Browns are lucky to have a man like Tom in their corner. His loyalty knows no limits. He has been riding with them from quite literally the beginning to the end. While originally from Columbus, Ohio, Tom is with his family in Savannah, Georgia. Tom’s family is battling both cancer and medical bills. In my correspondence with Tom, he said that he would love nothing more than to go to one last Browns game, but money is kind of tight right now. 

That’s where we come in baby!

I am calling upon the loyal Dawgs of War to fly Tom and his father (shoutout Mr. Seipel) to Cleveland for an epic showdown against the Steelers in two days. A Browns victory would award the Browns with their first playoff berth since 2002. Tom Seipel should be there to cheer on our beloved Browns to whatever end awaits. We are raising money for the flights from Savannah, game tickets , their hotel stay, a wheelchair, Uber, and eternal glory.

If we raise anything more than the $1500(ish) this will cost, the proceeds will go to his family to help cover the medical bills. We’re also getting a ticket for his best friend , Phil. You gotta watch the Browns with your homies. Tom is our guy. Ours. Lets send him out with a bang, and get him to First Energy.

Please note: Tom’s hospice doctor approved of this journey, reluctantly. Yolo.

Aforementioned explanation for the “Mission, Faith, Church” category selection:
1) Mission: We’re on a mission, clearly.
2) Faith: Tom has an unyielding faith in Godand the Browns.
3) Church: Tom is very active in the church I grew up attending. I do not believe that was a matter of coincidence.

That is my justification of selecting “Mission, Faith, Church”. I wrote this on the fly. Browns Confirmed.

Here are some relevant links:

Tom’s YouTube channel documenting his battle with cancer: YoutubeChannel

God bless you all,

(@angrybrownsfans )

Say what you will about Cleveland and their poor tortured Browns' fans but they are some of the best people on Earth. I fuckin love them.

And Tom Seipel is the perfect example. 

Knows everybody in the world is dealing with a ton of their own shit right now and didn't want to make things about himself. Never has. He's a pastor who has dedicated his life to service and has traveled the world on mission trips helping the less fortunate. 

He's a die-hard Browns fan that's been active on the message boards forever. He dropped this heartbreaking post a couple weeks ago which kicked this whole thing off-

Talk about rallying around the family. Browns fans assembled and through the work of this Rawley guy that runs the @angrybrownsfans account they got in touch with Baker and Emily Mayfield who gladly donated their suite for this Sunday's game vs. the Steelers. 

If you want a nice cry watch this video of Tom recounting the video message from Baker Mayfield.

Browns fans also raised enough money to fly Tom from Savannah to Cleveland for the game, put him up in a hotel that can take car of him, and to cover his medical bills and funeral costs. 

Really awesome stuff that makes you proud of humanity. 

Much respect to everybody involved in this.

If the world wasn't already cheering for Cleveland to clinch tomorrow, they are now. 

Have a day for us all Tom! Godspeed and Fuck cancer.

—- Update ——

The Eagle has landed. Tom has been picked up at the airport and transported safely to his hotel. He should be on his way to the stadium any minute to meet Emily Mayfield and some of the Browns brass. Here’s hoping they roll the red carpet out for him today and the Browns put on a show for him on the field.

A few other outlets have since picked up Toms story so hopefully he gets a mention during the telecast. Have a day Tom!