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Kentucky's Punter Is Out Here Breaking Ankles And Making The Most Athletic Play In Punting History

Max Duffy is out here hitting folks with a Euro and crossing them up before getting a punt off. Get him to Starkville right this second for the basketball game tonight. That's the most impressive move I've seen from a Kentucky uniform this year and it's not even close. I love this dude though. He won the award for best punter in the country last year, he's roughly like 40 years old from Australia and just wants to drink beer. 

I'm still debating what the most impressive part of this play is - is it the Euro or is it the fact he still got off a good punt? I'm not saying he's a first round draft pick, but if the Raiders can take a kicker in the first round, why not a punter? Easily the smoothest play a punter has ever made. Honestly, he's just out here saving the position. How many times do we see a punter think he's slick only to get lit up on the sidelines or attempt the worst fake in the history of the sport? All the time. But not Max Duffy.