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Wellll Shit. Joe Haden Tests Positive For COVID, Likely To Miss 1st Round Of The Playoffs

Joe Haden sent out a series of cryptic tweets on Saturday morning causing Steelers twitter to panic of course. 

The result...not great!

This just sucks in so many ways. One, obviously you hope Joe recovers well and doesn't have any side effects that are too bad. Two, he's a staple and the best cover corner the Steelers have. Three, the guy has had a great career, but because he spent the first seven years of his career in Cleveland, he's only been in one playoff game. 

It's going to be wild to see how this works throughout the playoffs around the entire league. We've already had Alvin Kamara, Devin White, and now Joe Haden test positive this week and will likely be out for the first round of the playoffs. What happens if Patrick Mahomes gets it? I keep coming back to that…

Now the Steelers will likely go with Justin Layne out there to take the spot of Haden tomorrow and for next weekend's Wild Card game at Heinz Field. He's gotten snaps in the Steelers dime package this season, but anytime you lose a player like Haden there is going to be a dropoff no doubt. Here's to hoping they take care of business in the Wild Card round so Joe will be able to be back out there with the fellas in the Divisional Round.