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The Disrespect Of THE Undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes Has Reached An All-Time High

My Reaction:

Am I living in an alternate reality from everyone else? Ohio State is undefeated. They haven't lost without being robbed by the officials in over two years. And they have the best quarterback in the country. How is this team getting so much hate? UNDERDOGS? The Buckeyes are 15-3 against the spread in their last 18 games as underdogs, but I don't want the points. I want the whole damn thing. These Buckeyes are playing with the biggest chip on their shoulder since……..they beat the shit out of #1 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in 2014. And we're breaking out the exact same jerseys tonight. In the exact same stadium. I mean, Clemson is a good team and all, but we can't find ONE PERSON who thinks the Buckeyes should be allowed on the field tonight? Fine….keep poking this bear.


And that's exactly what Justin Fields has done:

I don't think the world is ready for what the Buckeyes are about to do tonight. And I can't wait to swim in all of your tears. Clemson is coming in waaaaaaay too confident. Fat pigs get slaughtered. And the Buckeyes are hungry. They have not forgotten:

Chills. Tonight we play for those that were cheated out of a national title last year.

Give me the Buckeyes tongight. I've never been more confident in my team. And it's because of how confident everyone else is in Clemson. Keep telling them how good they are. Keep telling us how we don't belong. And keep your 7 points. Ohio State is winning this one outright. And the inbox is still open for when I'm right, again.