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Did You Know When You Eat Icicles You're Actually Eating Bird Shit?

TMZ - Take a seat, kids (some adults too) ... we've got bad news about those icicles you've been sucking on every winter, and this won't go down easy. đź’©

Actually, Iowa meteorologist Katie Nickolaou is the real party pooper here, because after seeing social media clips of folks chomping on icicles ... she had to speak up.

Katie, who works at KMEG in Sioux City, Iowa, is imploring people to break their icicle habit ... unless, of course, they're into eating bird đź’©. Check out her very scientific, and stomach-turning, explanation of the frozen treat.

The good news for Katie is her advice is spreading pretty quickly, courtesy of TikTok and Twitter.

Feel like this is a stretch by this Sioux City meteorologist here. 

If we really want to get into the nitty gritty of gross shit we unknowingly put into our mouths then lets do it.

I watched an episode on this exact subject on Discovery Channel back in the day when they aired shit that wasn't reality TV that rotted your brain. Scarred me for life. Had to look a few of these up from memory but lets dive in-

- Lac Bug Secretions on Candy Shells

These nasty little bugs secrete "lac" out of their anal glands totally covering sticks and branches. The lacquer is then stripped from them using machines- 

Melted down and used to coat candy and give them the shiny shell we know on jelly beans, gummies, chocolates, etc. 

-  Meat Glue

This one's nasty and you'll probably hate yourself for reading/watching this but it's another trick those bastards employ to make a buck and fuck us, the consumer.

After hearing about this I pretty much instantly became a bone-in guy for everything I order out.

- Gelatin

Anything made using gelatin contains big amounts of skin and bone tissue. Gummy bears, marshmallows, Jell-O, and many types of candy contain gelatin.

- Human Hair, Duck Feathers in Commercially Baked Bread

If you can ever get an ingredients label for the bread from fast food restaurants or most packages you buy in super markets from large chains, L-Cysteine will most likely be found within the ingredient list. This ingredient is used as a conditioner for dough. It's most commonly made from duck feathers and human hair, and sometimes even cow horns or pig bristles. 

- Saw Dust aka "Cellulose" in tomato sauces, salad dressings, ice creams, cake mixes, veggie burgers, cereals, frozen dinners

This is fucking disgusting. But totally believable. You think Kraft can make a margin by selling those giant green cans of "grated cheese" for $2?

- Sperm Killing Chemicals In Microwave Popcorn

Industrial nonstick elements—that are classified as perfluorinated chemicals—are commonly used to coat the inside of popcorn bags in order to prevent the grease from leaking out. Unfortunately, data from human studies suggests that PFCs can also have effects on human health, including high cholesterol, sperm damage and infertility, and ADHD. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association also discovered that nonstick chemicals in popcorn bags can significantly impair the immune system, leaving the body vulnerable to a myriad of other health maladies.

Giphy Images.

Huge popcorn guy. Huge. But been out on microwave popcorn for a while now. Get yourself one of these babies from Denmark, buy jars of kernels and never look back. 

- Titanium Dioxide (paint coloring) in Ranch Dressing

This one one sucks to find out but we all knew their had to be a catch. 

Commonly used in paints and sunscreens, titanium dioxide (a mined substance that is frequently mingled with toxic lead) is often added to processed foods in order to make them look whiter and visually appealing. Furthermore, propylene glycol, an element frequently used as antifreeze, is often imbued into salad dressings as a thickening agent to help achieve that familiar luscious texture.