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Top NFL QB Prospect Sam Howell Should Be Deemed Undraftable After Reports Surface He's Never Once Had a Steak Or Cheeseburger And Only Eats Chicken Tenders/Nuggets

I learned something about myself over the weekend. I live a better life than top QB prospect Sam Howell. That's just a fact. I do this by eating steak and cheeseburgers. He, on the other hand, sticks to just chicken tenders and nuggets. Throw out all the glitz and glamour of being a star quarterback at a power 5 school. The millions of dollars that follow with that when he eventually gets drafted in the first round in 2022. The women. The superior athletic talent. It's all worth nothing if you can't enjoy a good steak or even a goddamn cheeseburger. 

I saw the tweet above over the weekend from our world renowned college football podcast twitter account and witnessed my jaw drop to the floor. How could a top QB prospect such as UNC's Sam Howell not eat steak or burgers? It's legitimately illogical. This dude is projected to go number 1 overall in the 2022 draft as of this moment. It's one thing to be a vegan or vegetarian, but to strictly just eat chicken nuggets and chicken tenders over any other meat? Jail. You belong in jail, or at least your parents do for raising you this way. 

“On Sundays, after we get a win we have Victory Dinner," Gemmel said. "We’re sitting around eating lobster and having steak, and Sam comes in and he has his chicken tenders coming around because that’s the only thing he eats. We give him a hard time about it every Sunday.” -24/7 sports

No steak. No burgers. No seafood. That's just cruel and unusual punishment. I truly don't know how I'd be able to live. If Howell has a normal diet I bet he beats Texas A&M in the bowl game last week. I mean how can you trust a man who lives his life this way? I surely cannot. I don't care what he's amassed to in his life to this point, it's irrelevant moving forward as far as I see it. He's been removed from my 2022 draft board effective immediately. If I ever get word he changes his tune and has himself a porterhouse with lobster and shrimp then we could be talking about the greatest qb ever. Until then undraftable. Clean it up.