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Andy Cohen Is HAMMERED And Trying To Drop Acid With Anderson Cooper On Live Television

Hammered. Never been drunker. Two bottles of tequila down and asking Snoop Dogg if he's ever deuced a blunt with a Mohel 30 minutes into Day 1 of a fresh set of 365. I don't know which television executive decided to pitch "make Andy Cohen get Anderson Cooper uncomfortably drunk every NYE on live tv" but I hope they get a fat bonus every January 1st. 

But the larger, more important point here is that 2021 really should be a big time acid year for everyone. Who gives a fuck anymore? Reality has never been more fake, might as well quadruple down and really see some shit worth seeing. We had fucking murder hornets last year. No amount of Yellow Barrel or White Rabbit is going to conjure up those kind of demons, so what's a little Sid gonna hurt moving forward? At least until outside opens back up, that feels fair. All drugs not only temporarily legalized, but strongly encouraged. After everyone gets that second shot in the arm we can discuss how we want to proceed, not a second sooner.