Cyndi Lauper Just Set The Stage EN FUEGO

Brilliant. Just brilliant. People just don't seem to appreciate true artistry like this anymore. This performance had no low points. Cyndi cutting rugs, the crowd going absolutely bananaland, can we talk about the vocal range for a second??? And yet all I'm seeing plastered all over the web is that this performance stunk. That parents nationwide are having to explain to their children what they just witnessed. That this may be the lowest point in both music and human history. To those people I say: eat my shorts.

Quickly running through all the hundreds and thousands of performances we all saw this year, I think there are two clear and obvious choices for the most electrifying. This one tonight by Cyndi Lauper and David Guetta's sick "I Have A Dream" remix.

You can debate between those who deserves the top spot but those are the clear cut only two choices in my mind. Everything else is playing for bronze.