Local Mississippi Man Is Incredibly Proud Of Himself For Committing Assault (And Then Running Away) After Football Game

As I'm sure you've seen, Mississippi State and Tulsa had themselves a legit brawl after the game tonight. The star of that fight was #4 on Mississippi State Malik Heath....he was the player who kicked a Tulsa player in the head while he was on the ground:

The Tulsa player was wearing a helmet, but kicking someone on the ground in the head is a move that isn't even legal in the UFC!!!! On top of that Malik Heath then RAN AWAY! 

Stupid things happen with college kids. The fight shouldn't have happened and players should be suspended, but if the players see it as a mistake? Move on. Things happen on a football field, but bragging about it after? That's insane.

I will say, Malik Heath has the chance to be an all-time heel in the college football world after today. He didn't go to his iPhone notes app, he went to his IG stories to brag about it. Do I hate that? No, I love a good heel. That doesn't mean this man isn't insane and probably added to his suspension for doing that, but that's what heels do...they don't give a fuck. We are all just sheep and they are out here doing what we are afraid to do.