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Tiger And Dufner Playing Their Practice Round Together At St. Andrews Today

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Well so much for those rumors.  I don’t know much about anything but I do know you don’t willingly play 18 holes of golf with a guy who fucked your wife.  You just don’t.  Even the most relaxed, care free person in the world wouldn’t do that. If the rumors were true, and Tiger had asked Duf to play St. Andrews with him, there would be Titleist marks on Tiger’s forehead and he’d be bleeding from the ears. I said from the jump that I thought the the rumors were bullshit. It would’ve been great if Tiger had actually been fucking Amanda Dufner because that’s an awesome and hilarious story but that’s just it.  It’s too perfect.  I said it in the first blog but it’s like people got together in a room and thought, “What’s the juiciest story possible?  I know.  Let’s say Tiger Woods (the most famous golfer on the planet/guy who loves sleeping around) fucked Amanda Dufner (1/2 of the most famous golf couple on the planet who just recently got divorced because of possible infidelity).  It’s perfect!  All the page views!” then ran with it.  Nope.  Tiger didn’t fuck Amanda, him and Duf are still buds and this is them publicly putting the rumors to bed.



PS- The only way I’ll believe the rumors are true is if Tiger and Dufner have a bottle of whiskey out there with them and are seen having heart-to-heart bro talks in between holes.  That’s how you deal with a problem like that.  Whiskey and slurring, “We can’t let her get between us, man.  We don’t need her. Bros before hoes. Always.”



Cue the Amanda gallery!


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h/t darren