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The Internet Is Absolutely Furious At Young Thug After He Said JAY Z's Name On Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

Young Thug is, perhaps, the most misunderstood artist of the last generation. He wore a dress on his album cover, he's intentionally inflammatory, he won a Grammy, he recorded with Elton John, he used JAY Z's name as an off cuff example. The last appears to be the one that really hit people in their feelings the most. 

The more the internet talks about JAY Z, the more parallels I see between he and Jerry Rice. It's not enough to call him the GOAT. If you dare to even suggest someone else was in the same stratosphere you will be mocked ruthlessly. You speak his name with anything but the utmost regard and it's taken as disrespect. Which is why my lede is about Thug being misunderstood. The point he's making is not that JAY Z doesn't have hits, he immediately says Hov has at least "50 of them bitches." His point was that a lot of extremely popular, well known artists, perform songs to dead, passionless crowds. (Remember crowds?) Which is extremely true. The fact that he used JAY Z's name was a point of respect, as he quickly reached for an example of who the top of the top was to make his point. 

Unsurprisingly, the internet only heard the first part. 

The interview has been trending since it dropped. 

Like even right now, still trending. Because people will defend JAY Z like he's putting money in their pockets on the first and the fifteenth.

The full episode is great. Young Thug doesn't typically sit down for an hour like this, but when he does he gets people talking.