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This Sequence Between the Rockets and Nuggets Is Some of the Worst Professional Basketball You'll Ever See

My God.

Look, I want to love the NBA. I really do. But for every game that has an exciting finish with players making great plays, you have a 25-point game with sequences like this.

We've got guys out here seriously just lobbing the ball in the general direction of the rim and hoping something good happens to it. And spoiler alert: none of the things which happen over the course of the 30 seconds would be classified as "good."

The people who refuse to acknowledge how great college sports are always point to the skill of professionals as opposed to many guys in college who don't possess the ability necessary to make it to that level. But I would show those people this clip and ask them how much the guys on the court really, truly care about what's going on in this sequence. They're just out there throwing the ball around the gym and seeing what happens.

And sure, dumb things like this happen in college games, too. But when I watch a college basketball game, I generally get a sense that the players on the court really give a damn about what happens on every possession. And no matter how much I watch the NBA, I just don't get that same feeling until the playoffs.