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Wake Up With The Famous Fenway Pizza Throw

Remember when this highlight made it's debut back in 2007? I remember it clear as day, even though all the footage looks like it was shot with a RAZR. Foul ball down the left field line in Fenway, guy comes over to make a place close to the seats, ball bounces off some fans and back into the field of play. It benefited the Sox and JD Drew lives to see another day at the plate. Everyone is laughing down there, we're having fun, we're having a great time...until something comes flying through the air. A slice of pizza is thrown in the direction of where the ball bounced off the fans. Obviously the fan isn't happy when he figures out what had happened, and he had all the right in the world to be mad. Play resumes and the fans are still jawing, I mean it was a Red Sox fan that got hit with the pizza. Why throw the slice at your brother in arms? Meanwhile they are howling in the booth at the replays, and rightfully so. It's a funny fucking scene seeing a piece of pie cartwheel through the air. Guy got thrown out, and if we're being honest he should have been thrown out for eating pizza at a baseball game. Pizza is NOT a baseball food. Hot dog, peanuts, beer, sunflower seeds, yes. Pizza, no.