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Ja Morant Had To Be Wheeled Off The Court After Injuring His Ankle

2020 just had to give us one last kick in the balls on the way out didn't it. Haven't we had to deal with enough already, now you take Ja Morant too? Let's hope this is just a high ankle sprain or something that won't keep him out too long because losing Ja Morant in the first three games of the year is a tough blow. A freak accident like so many of them are. It's never a good sign when you have to be wheeled off the floor and with Jaren Jackson Jr still not healthy it's obviously a devastating blow to the Grizzlies. Ja is the heartbeat of that team and a damn good player. It sucks that he could potentially be seriously hurt. Watching Morant play basketball is one of the best parts of watching the NBA. He's electric

So please join me in praying he gets some sort of miracle from the injury gods and doesn't miss serious time. If this is the first report from Shams

is any indication at least it doesn't sound like anything is broken or anything along those lines. That's a relief and even the team PR account tweeted ankle sprain so as long as there isn't ligament damage hopefully we dodged a bullet.