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9-1-1 Operator TikTok Is The Only Good TikTok

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Being a 9-1-1 operator is one of the more thankless jobs we've got in modern society. These people are 2008 Rondo; the firefights, police and EMTs are Pierce, KG and Ray Allen. They're running point, making sure the ball gets into the right player's hands in a given scenario, have to be quick on their feet, and have to deal with a ton of bullshit every single day (for this analogy, that bullshit would be Doc Rivers). 

Call it controversial, but I don't think they should have to be nice and calm to the people who call up and play on their phone. They've got actual shit to be dealing with, and these waste of time calls truly impede the rest of the world. These operators are not in customer service, they're not waiters or waitresses, there shouldn't be a "customer is always right" view towards 9-1-1 operators. Of course they have to be calm and nurturing towards someone in distress, but they should be able to flip a switch when an asshole dials in. If you're playing on their phone they should be allowed to go full Patrice O'Neal and body these clowns however they see fit. That feels like a good way to blow off steam in between what I can only imagine to be truly gut-wrenching and taxing calls from people experiencing actual emergencies. 

Until that is allowed, I suppose publicly releasing these tapes to shame folks is the next best thing. 

From the sounds of it, this lady tried to order a western burger at an establishment that absolutely does not sell a western style burger. The manager tried to tell her this, she wasn't having it and went full Karen. I hope the manager also called 9-1-1 to get this lady promptly arrested. 

This was a meth addict in Florida whose car worked perfectly fine, not a doubt in my mind. They sat in this car for 20 minutes before they called. They never thought they were getting out. 

This guy wasn't fired, which gives me hope that more and more people are on my side that these operators should be allowed X amount of roasts per day.

Listen, you want solutions we have solutions for you. If you don't like our suggestions you can handle it on your own. Beggars can't be choosers. 

This guy is the sanest person out of this entire bunch. He's got a real quandary on his hands. Bit by a deer, bit by a dog, car all smashed up from the deer, and now there's a legal matter of possession over the deer between he and the hound. A real dilly of a pickle. Now, you could argue until the Sun comes up whether or not a dog could even possess a live deer to begin with, but according to their game of Rock, Paper, Scissor, the dog clearly won with a decisive Rock smashing Scissor victory. Again, that's for the courts to figure out, but I side with this man calling 9-1-1 to get the ball rolling on all these legal proceedings. Plus, yanno, he was bleeding from the multiple animal bites. Feels fair. Send the bambulance, posthaste. 

Florida again.

There are some days you wake up and cannot deal with what life is throwing at you. You're already having a tough go of it only to wake up and see Mother Nature has dropped a sheet of ice encapsulating your car. You can barely open the door to even warm it up, let alone scrape the ice off so you can see. You can't call 9-1-1, that's absurd, but I do think we need a number for people to just get some shit off their chest. Nothing serious, no one ever even hears what you rant about, but just a place to vent for however long you need until you snap out of it, suck it up and get the ice off your car like an adult.