This Padres Fan Got His First-Ever Jersey for Christmas, Two Days Before the Player Was Promptly Traded in the Blake Snell Deal

There is nothing like opening up a brand-new, stitched jersey on Christmas morning. To this day, probably my favorite Christmas gift ever was a Michael Vick black Falcons jersey I got in probably 2004 — it was a great gift at the time. Unfortunately, both that jersey and the jersey Padre Bob got as Christmas presents became obsolete rather quickly, though this one may set the record.

It took merely 48 hours for Padres' top prospect Luis Patiño to become a member of the Rays organization when San Diego moved all its chips in to get Blake Snell. And that leaves Padre Bob out here with nothing but a dick in his hand and a very unfortunately funny tweet.

I'm sure the Padres or wherever the jersey was bought from will do right and get him a new one, but nothing can ever replace the sting of opening such an awesome gift of a player's jersey you think is going to be a cornerstone of the franchise for 20 years and having him traded two days later. It's a cold world out there.

Somebody get my guy Padre Bob a Snell jersey and tickets to his first start — whenever fans can be there. He deserves it.