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The Barstool Fund - Sunmade Cleaners

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Sunmade Cleaners has been in business since 1983 serving the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The owners were born and raised in Greece and immigrated as two teenage boys who knew they wanted to build a legacy together for their parents and families.



Reader Email

Hey Dave,

You fucking rock for the donations you're doing to help small businesses. I know you've been helping a lot of restaurants in New York, however my family has a different small business that is probably struggling way more than restaurants.

My dad owns a dry cleaners in a Chicago suburb, and has for 30 years with his brother. My grandfather came here from Greece w/ only pennies in his pocket. He worked hard in order to build his business and leave it for his sons. They have been surviving until this last year. My parents are going bankrupt due to many things…nobody dressing up for work, no school dances, no in person graduations, etc. 

If you could do anything to help support Sunmade Cleaners, you'd not just make their world, but you'd make mine and my entire family's. Please consider it as my family has devoted their livelihood to this small family business.

Even if you just read this email I'd feel lucky.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

Sia Zavakos