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J.J. Watt Had Possibly the Best Athlete Rant of All-Time Talking About How Much Fans Care

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Damn it, this guy gets it.

I've never been happier to hear an athlete say anything than I was to hear J.J. Watt go on that rant. It's incredibly refreshing to hear a player who understands why he's able to make the money he does and what sports mean to so many people.

As an alumnus of a university which generally views its unwavering supporters as a never-ending cash machine it can treat however it wants, what Watt says there really hits home for me. It's a privilege to have as many people care as an NFL team does. There's a reason the League rakes in billions every year: these teams mean a lot to people.

And for the most part, fans really just want to see that the guys out there on the receiving end of their disposable income care as much as they do. I can deal with losing — I'm pretty used to it by now — as long as I can see that my time and money is being spent on guys that want to be out there and are doing everything they can to win.

It's just nice to see that there really are some of these players making millions upon millions of dollars who understand where that money comes from and why they're able to live the lives they do. Sports would be a lot better if we had more people like J.J. Watt.