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Eagles Get Embarrassed By Dallas And The Season Is Officially Over

Well that was cute.  Would've been fun to go into next week with the chance of winning the Division at a pathetic 6-9-1, but not even these Eagles can grant us that kind of mediocrity.  

What an incompetent shitshow from top to bottom.  Remember those first two drives when Doug and the Eagles actually ran the ball to the tune of 14 points?  Yeah, well, 3+ quarters and being outscored 34-3 later you can guess how this story and season ends. Embarrassing.  5 false starts in one game.  FIVE!!!!  Darius Slay finally had the first INT for an Eagles CB this season.  It's Week Fucking 16.  I don't even know how that's possible, especially after they brought on someone literally known as "Big Play" at that position.  Even the new Lord and Savior Jalen Hurts had two unacceptable, back to back turnovers in the RedZone late in the game. Ol' Ginger Dick Andy Dalton threw for 375+ and 3 TD's while Zeke who hasn't done anything all season until putting up 100+ yards on the ground vs. the Eagles when it matters.  And nice to see DeSean Jackson check in for a nice 81-yard TD to hit his quota for the year and then disappear into the night.  Where did he go?  Nobody knows.  

And that's that.  Can't wait to win next week and get a lower draft pick.  That's Eagles 101, baby.  Let's go Sixers.  

PS - Boy oh boy do I hate being right all the time...