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The Future in Jacksonville Is Bright With The Jaguars Securing The Number 1 Pick

For the last 15 years, the Jaguars have been rudderless at the quarterback position and have stunk outright essentially every year but 2017. Since the organization was founded, the Jaguars have NEVER had the number 1 pick. Never. They never had the chance to draft a Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, or any generational type of talent. That’s over now.

Trevor Lawrence will be a Jaguar and I cannot fucking wait. There’s good talent in Jacksonville at the skill positions and I really believe that the Jaguars are the number 1 spot coaches and GMs will want to go. You get Trevor, another 1st round pick, 100 million in cap space, and an owner who is known for giving coaches and GMs a chance. This isn’t a team that fires you quickly and with Trevor, you’ll have the hardest piece already in the fold.

Fuck man. Me and ole Duggs finally have a quarterback. It feels damn good. Thank you to Chicago for beating our brakes off. I truly appreciate it. I’m over the moon.