This Reporter Trying To Eat The Entire 8,290 Calorie Tour de France Diet In One Sitting Is The Best Video You'll Watch Today

WaPo - The lead rider in the Tour de France for Team Sky stands 6 feet 1 and weighs just 152 pounds. But to keep his energy up during the 21-day race, Chris Froome reportedly ingests more than 8,000 calories per day. To show just how much food that is, Norwegian reporter Nicolay Ramm took on the challenge himself with just one big difference. He decided to eat his way through the day without combining it with hundreds of miles of biking. You can probably guess how it ends…


I appreciate this guy a lot because he went for it in one sitting. Just a man, a camera, his bike helmet, and 8,000 calories of food between him and glory. No 100 mile bike ride in between. And he failed gloriously. We all know that feeling. When you literally can’t get any more food into your body without puking, and then you keep going. Unfortunately for him, his “keep going” included a jam and salami croissant, which made me puke just thinking about it. But props to him, he went for gold, for all for the Internet glory. That’s what it’s all about.

PS: I did a little research and found out a regular large pizza has about 2,300 calories. We can all do that in one sitting easily. So his goal was the equivalent of 3 and a half large pizzas without walking around, puking, or shitting. I’m not sure if that makes it sound easier or harder, but that’s what we’re talking about here.