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The Barstool Fund - Anaheim White House

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In 2017, two months before its 30th anniversary, Anaheim White House had suffered a devastating fire, which destroyed the restaurant and led to over $2M in damage. It was rebuilt one year later in 2018, but now Chef Bruno and 40 employees are in need of support once again.



Reader Email

Hey Prez,

I am writing in on behalf of my dear friend Sir Chef Bruno Serato's restaurant, the Anaheim White House Restaurant. The White House has been a staple of Anaheim California since the 1980's. Bruno started the restaurant in honor of his late mother Caterina, when he came here from his home country of Italy. Bruno has two missions in life, serve delicious food and feed children in need. Bruno started a charity called Caterina's Club which serves thousands of hungry children pasta and sauce EVERY DAY!

Needless to say Bruno has been through a lot. In February 2017, an electrical issue caused the restaurant to burn down ( Despite over $1 million in damages, the first thing Bruno said was "How am I going to feed the children". The community stepped in and offered up kitchens for him to utilize and Bruno did not miss a single day of feeding children. (

Bruno now is facing the challenges of the pandemic head on. Due to all of the crazy restrictions in Southern California, he is having a hard time keeping his staff employed. He cries when he talks about it since his staff has given him so much over the years. Anything to help out this AMAZING person and fantastic restaurant would be greatly appreciated. Please see some more links below about Bruno and his charity.,,

Michael Kaplan