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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 16

There are only TWO weeks left to claim the Football Guy of the Week Award. Last week, Lions C Frank Ragnow ran away with the vote after playing through a fractured throat. Yes, a fractured throat. Now, we have four new nominees ready to take home the penultimate prize of this football season. Let's introduce you to this foursome:

Giants HC Joe Judge - Leading up to Sunday’s game vs. the Ravens, he said, “With all due respect, let’s forget about Christmas.”

Football > Christmas, and there are no if's and's, or but's about it. Especially when you are the New York FOOTBALL Giants, and you are fighting to keep your NFC Beast hopes alive. GGGGGGG-Men.

Ohio State OC/TE Coach Kevin Wilson - Said he was stuck in the office and missed out on his 25th anniversary with his wife by tweeting, “Missed Out on a Great Night with my Lovely Bride - Got Some Great Triple Option Plays!”

This is as Football Guy as it gets. A 25th wedding anniversary is NOTHING compared to trying to take down Clemson and reach the National Title game. Coach Wilson has his priorities right where he should.

HOF Coach Bill Cowher - When tweeting about the unfortunate passing of Kevin Greene, he said, “Heaven just got better on Defense.”

This is, of course, a very sad, set of news. However, Coach Cowher had an all-time Football Guy quote when complimenting the addition of Heaven's personnel on the defensive side of the ball. RIP, Kevin Greene.

Titans C Ben Jones - Did not let a Green Bay snowstorm stop him from walking out onto the field barefoot and saying a prayer to honor his brother, which he does before every game.

This was a VERY late addition, but zero doubt that it had to be done. Mr. Cat said it best on today's show, the colder it gets, the less clothes Football Guys wear. Ben Jones wasn't going to let some snowflakes alter his pregame ritual.