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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Hit His First Game Winner Of The Season While Looking Like An Absolute Star

Jared C. Tilton. Getty Images.


Is it me or does it feel like there have been a ton of game winners to start the NBA season? Maybe that's just the recency bias kicking in after Tatum, Hield, and now SGA all hit end of the clock game winners in the opening week but it feels like we get these every night now. Well not on Christmas because all of those games were blow outs but you get what I'm trying to say.

In terms of SGA, we're seeing a star develop right before our eyes. With all the rebuilding and all the tanking that OKC will endure over the next few seasons, one thing is certain. They hit when it came to SGA. You can see why he was basically the centerpiece of the Paul George trade. He's in his age 22 season, put up 19/5/6 on 47/34% last year and is picking up right where he left off. A complete 24/7/9 tonight including that game winner, he was huge the entire fourth quarter leading the Thunder with 9 points. What a way to debut your season (remember their HOU game got postponed). You're seeing why a ton of people have SGA winning the Most Improved Player award this season. This is now his Thunder team. I'm not going to say we're going to have another OKC season where they surprise everyone and somehow make the playoffs, but what I will say is SGA is going to be a problem every night and will give them a chance to compete. 

When you talk a lot about the young building block players you hear names like Luka, Zion, Tatum, Mitchell, Morant, etc. Something tells me that by the time this season ends you'll see SGA be lumped in a lot more frequently with those guys. I promise you this, we're going to see a lot more game winners from him before it's all said and done.

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