The Only Acceptable Thing To Play In The Background While Opening Your Christmas Presents Is The 4 Hour Long Ambience Video Of The Home Alone Fake Party

No disrespect to the yule log, A Christmas Story, or whatever Christmas music station you throw on your TV while ripping apart presents and mimosas. But the Silver Tuna in full (fake) party mode blows all those weak ass out of the water when it comes to holiday cheer. Some nice easy listening, the occasional Little Nero's car, and the greatest basketball player of all-time riding on a train. I'm not even trying to start another version of the Jordan vs. LeBron debate, especially during Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie SZN. But let's be honest, we all know LeBron would have joined the Wet Bandits before he tried to scare them away once it became clear they were the heavy favorite in a battle between two grown men and an 8-year-old boy.

The people lucky enough to have NBA teams good enough to be playing on this wonderful day will say they would rather watch hoops. But I'm talking about an ambience video while everyone is spreading joy/shredding wrapping paper since we know Christmas is about the ambience and the decor. Which is better? Well that is a timeless question that goes back to what feels like 1000 years ago when Marshawn Lynch was a Buffalo Bill.

I imagine there are more than a few Stoolies watching this gem for the first time

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