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Tana Mongeau Lets Us Know If She Would "Smash Or Pass" Dave Portnoy...

You may know Tana Mongeau for a number of reasons. She recently was on Call Her Daddy where she let us know that she wasn't attracted to females until she met Bella Thorne:

If that doesn't ring a bell, you may remember her as the IG model that lowkey committed voter fraud by saying she'd send booty pics if you show her you voted for Biden:

She was back in the Barstool universe on the most recent episode of BFFs pod, which has turned into an absolute wagon if you haven't noticed:

330k views in just over 36 hours is insane on YouTube considering the podcast just started. You may not like it, but the BFFs pod is here to stay.

Each episode Brianna Chickenfry puts together a game for the guest to play with Dave and Josh. This week was a simple "smash or pass" for Tana....

Tana made it clear that she would most likely "smash" most of the people in the game, but the bigger question was "would I publicly smash them?" As in would she "claim" them in public. What a life.

Tana went on to say that Dave and her have the same taste and have probably "smashed" the same girl(s) in the past. She actually speculated with the first letter of a girl that she believes Dave smashed, which he confirmed. No word on who that is, not that I would say it in the blog because I think I'd get fired.

Some of the results:

David Dobrik: SMASH

Bella Thorne: HARD PASS

Francesca Farago: Pass, but smashed before

Addison Rae: SMASH

Logan Paul: PASS

Dave Portnoy: Pass, only due to "personality." She is concerned that Dave would tell everyone? This is weird because she spent the entire podcast just talking about people she has had sex with. I think she would be the one to tell. She ends it by saying "I would smash Dave Portnoy two years ago." Sounds like she'd smash now, just not publicly.