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The Ending Of Kings/Nuggets Was Absolute Chaos

The NBA is back baby! Day 2 and we had ourselves two awesome game winners. 

The whole ending of this game was nuts. Bad calls everywhere you looked for both sides. I imagine Jokic is a little upset with the whistle he got tonight, he certainly has a case for a decent screw job. Then there was this last play. Did Jokic get fouled? Depends on which fanbase you ask. I will say though, hell of a play by Will Barton to nearly save the game. I thought that was going to be an easy dunk for the walkoff win, but Barton made a great defensive play. It's just unfortunate that the Basketball Gods decided twist the knife with a perfect Buddy Hield tip in. That's one hell of a way to kick off your season. Are we sure the announcers were even watching thought? That might have been one of the most depressing game winning calls I've heard. Remote broadcasting certainly doesn't give you the same juice so far in the season that's for sure. 

A rough 1-9 performance from Jamal Murray didn't help, but credit the Kings. They scrapped all night, got big nights from Harrison Barnes (21 points), De'Aaron Fox (21 points), and of course Buddy Hield (22 points, game winner). This is why every single night of this league is must watch. Here we are just getting started and we've already had two amazing finishes. This season is going to be so awesome.