22 Days Till Training Camp And I Seriously Have Not Been Able To Stop Watching Gamefilm/Highlights

(I don’t care if the only important person in that Miracle At The Meadowlands Part II tape is Merrill Reese. Goosebumps: Every. Damn. Time.)

Call it a slow day/Summer/life, but I’ve been gung ho on Eagles footage recently. Maybe it’s the fact there is literally NOTHING to be hopeful about in this damn city and the optimism over this Eagles season is the only thing really keeping the heart ticking. I have very little to wake up in the morning for as it is, so if watching these old clips and highlights give you as much of a boost as it does for me, well, I’ll see you at the Linc.

It seriously can’t start soon enough. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!