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Stabbing Someone Who Is Making a Drunk Grilled Cheese Sandwich Is The Lowest Of The Low

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KAIT8 - A fight over a grilled cheese sandwich landed a man in the hospital. Police found the man at St. Bernards Medical Center emergency room, where doctors were treating him for stab wounds. He told police he was attempting to cook food early Tuesday morning when his pregnant girlfriend, later identified as Shavonne Walker, became angry with him. According to an incident report with the Jonesboro Police Department, the man told officers he was trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich and Walker began to interfere with him cooking the sandwich. He said she took ingredients and the pan from him and became violent saying “b**** you ain’t eating anything tonight.” The report stated Walker got a knife and tried to stab him, but he was able to take the knife away. The victim said Walker then grabbed a pair of scissors, but he was unable to stop her and she allegedly stabbed him. According to the report, the victim told officers Walker said “b**** you gone to die tonight.” He was eventually able to knock the scissors out of her hands. Doctors told police the scissors pierced the skin so deep the tips hit a bone on the victim’s waist.


I don’t care what you did in this life or a past life, when you’re chefing up some drunk grilled cheese, nobody gets to fuck with you. It’s a simple law of the land that allows us to function as a society. Being STABBED while making drunk grilled cheese is the lowest form of human life. They need to take Shavonne Walker and put her on Alcatraz. Can you imagine someone like her just walking around like you and I? It’s bad enough we have to worry about shooters and sharks, we don’t need to add grilled cheese ruiners to people to be on the lookout for.

PS: Telling a drunk person “bitch you ain’t eating anything tonight” is like telling a blogger to put pants on. Good fucking luck. The fact that man is having a baby with that woman saddens me. Legit saddens me. I hope for his sake they can hop onto the Maury show and he can do the jitterbug when he finds out the baby isn’t his.