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Swaggy P Basically Said Iggy Azalea Is Great At Giving Head On Wild N Out (Did You Know Wild N Out Was Still On?)




Uhhhhhhh a couple things.  First, I’m happy to know that Iggy Azalea is good at giving head.  Yes she can’t rap for shit and, like Snoop said, she looks like a character from that movie White Chicks but her ass is undeniable.  It should be the 8th wonder of the world.  Doesn’t matter what her face looks like with an ass like that.  That ass can get you places including being perceived as a rapper even though she can’t rap.  Not to mention I like knowing (maybe Swaggy lied, who knows) that famous chicks can suck good dick.  It makes them a billion times hotter.  The opposite would be if we found out that Iggy or any other famous chick is a dead fish in bed.  It would ruin their entire sexual aura.  But tell me she’s good at head and her stock goes up exponentially.  Second, and most importantly, raise your hand if you knew Wild N Out was still on TV.  Yep, nobody raised their hand because nobody knew.  Those ratings have to be AWFUL.  I watched it wayyyyyy back in the day (2005 I think?) when it was hot in the streets.  Katt Williams used to be a regular on the show. Then it ended in 2007 only to be resurrected in 2013 according to Wikipedia.  You learn something new every day I guess.



PS- Might have to catch a few eps of the new Wild N Out.  Or maybe not.  I actually kinda liked that show and I don’t wanna ruin those memories with a washed up Nick Cannon.