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"I Shot You Out Of My Cooter" - Brandon Walker's Mom, 2020.

We must protect Mama Walker at all costs. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I've watched his reaction a billion times. 

The conversation started from a hypothetical question thrown at us from one of the Roughnecks: 

If A&M and Mississippi State didn't exist at all, who would you be a fan of and why?

Now, there are two ways to look at this: realistic option and fantasy option. In another world, I think I would be a fan of Michigan. BUT. Realistically... if A&M didn't exist, I would probably be a University of Texas fan. My dad is from south Texas and was going to graduate from a state school in Texas (... and raise me to be a part of that cult school no matter what). 

So using this same logic, Brandon would realistically have grown up a fan of Ole Miss? Right?

That's where his mom comes into the picture. We needed her opinion. Boy, what a family. 

If you want to hear the entire conversation (and trust me, you do), listen to today's episode. It was a good time.