Some Real Life GTA Went Down In New Jersey Featuring A Stolen Cop Cruiser

(Shit gets hot around 4:30)

Leonia, NJ – Police have released dramatic video of a Leonia police officer taking down a carjacker after he stole an Englewood Cliffs police cruiser Monday. The video shows police speeding after 22-year-old Sereymanta Kong after he rammed a New Milford police cruiser. An Englewood police officer tried to stop Kong from carjacking a woman’s car Monday. The woman pulled over after seeing Kong lying in the middle of the street.

The dude’s legitimately playing Grand Theft Auto in real life. Carjackings, a stolen cop car, a legit 4+ star chase. Only things missing are the hookers, Molotov Cocktails, and the hookers being set ablaze by Molotov Cocktails. Not to mention he’s driving that police cruiser like a driving vagina. You got sirens and horsepower on that puppy. Might as well make the best of your last remaining minutes of freedom.