Buddy The Elf Being A Total Goon On The Ice Taking You Into The Holidays

I know there are some guys who have been in the arena, done the job, and absolutely despise the term "goon". But I mean...that's exactly what Buddy was. Dude wanted nothing to do with playing the puck out there. He was constantly looking to catch guys with their heads down and wreak havoc with the body. Elbows, headshots, you name it. Buddy wasn't afraid to play dirty out there. 

He's the exact type of player you love to have on your own team, and hate with a passion if he plays for the other team. Olde time hockey. Eddie Shore. Buddy The Elf. 

Have yourselves a great holiday, everybody. And just remember to keep your head up if you find yourself playing some puck over the next week. You never know when you've got a Buddy The Elf out there on the ice with you looking to take everybody's head off in a pickup game. Can never be too careful coming across that blue line.