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Brad Underwood, Sean Miller And All Of America Are Sick Of College Hoops Refs Having No Idea What The Hell They Are Doing

I used to think this was a pointless blog to write. It was very much me yelling at a cloud. But, now that you have two coaches at two major problems putting refs on blast, it's my turn to blog it and not just tweet it. It's not even an unpopular opinion. This might be the one blog that everyone just agrees on, which is truly rare. The only other time might have been when I posted a smoke or two. It's not even a debate. College basketball refs are absolutely ruining the sport because of one thing and one thing only. The charge. Don't believe me? Here are just a few examples from the week or so: 

Well I want to see college basketball be refereed competently. I want to watch D1 hoops players go head to head in the most competitive games of their lives and actually watch them play. I don’t want you to swallow your whistle and “just let the players decide it,” I want you to use your whistle when an actual foul happens that affects a shot and has an effect on the game. I want them to not default to a charge. It's a problem. I am fully on board with banning the charge. 

Let me be more specific about banning the charge. I don't want a helpside defender to slide over as a drive is happening, grab his nuts, fall over and get rewarded. That's not defense. I don't want to abolish an offensive foul. You can't just push off. You can't put your head down and be reckless. You can't move on a screen. But you can't reward someone for what is actually a dangerous play. So many times these guys are sliding over as someone is in the air and taking their legs out. That's not a charge. Stop calling it. It's ruining everything from people wanting to watch the game, to keeping players in the game because you call bullshit fouls and then it leads to a free throw shooting contest. Something has to change here. It starts with coaches like Miller and Underwood calling out the bullshit. It leads to this offseason the point of emphasis and a rule change. It just has to. I'm not even yelling about games with a million handchecks. Yeah, I hate that but players have to adapt. Players are literally playing the game of basketball here and refs love pointing the other way and blowing their whistle. 

It's at the point now where if it doesn't change, the sport will be completely ruined. You need to adjust, hell coaches are begging refs to adjust. They are willing to take fines because refs have no idea what they are doing. Hire all these guys full time, get in new blood and start some sort of offseason training and consulting. Nobody wants to watch this garbage call.