Tinder Is Going Hands Free Because Swiping Is Too Hard

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Daily Mail- Falling in love – or being consumed with lust, at least – causes your heart to race and your pulse to quicken. Now developers in Texas have created an app that uses this increased heart rate to determine how you really feel about a person’s profile on Tinder. Called Hands-Free Tinder, it uses heart rate sensors built into wearables such as the Apple Watch to like, or reject, fellow Tinder members automatically. Tinder populates a list of matches each time the user opens the app, based on their location or interests. If a user likes the look of them, they swipe to the right, or they can pass on the recommendation by swiping left. All swipes are anonymous. If the liked person swipes right in return, both members are sent notifications that it’s a match, meaning they can chat to each other. The hands-free version takes this a step further by automating the process. When a profile is opened, the heart rate monitor starts tracking the wearer’s pulse and if there is a noticeable increase, it assumes they like the profile and the app automatically generates a right swipe. If the heart rate doesn’t increase, or decreases, it generates a left swipe. Hands-Free Tinder was created by Austin-based developers at T3 who said the app will launch ‘soon’ on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. This suggests it will work on Android-based wearables too. ‘Swiping left and right is a thing of the past,’ explained the developers.’After we found out that the Apple Watch could detect heart rate, we went to work developing hands-free Tinder. Now you can follow your heart to the right match.’Using the newly-available Apple Watch SDK, we figured out a way to tie heart rate to matches on Tinder.

This is one of those things where everyone is going to hear about it and complain that America is full of fat and lazy people; but everyone will still use it and love it. Kinda like that Dunkin’ Donuts glazed donut breakfast sandwich (which was SO good). But I’m all about making everything easier on myself, even things that are already easy. That’s because I’m lazy and I will freely admit it (I blame college even though I have always been lazy). I’ll run and go to the gym but anything with a little bit of effort that isn’t considered exercise I won’t do. I used to not go to the gym when I was a freshman if I wasn’t already in a class near it because I didn’t want to walk there from my dorm.

As if getting laid wasn’t already pretty easy for girls it just keeps getting easier. Also that isn’t me being cocky that’s a fact. Most girls can go out to a party or a bar and get laid if they want to but then Tinder came and we didn’t even have to leave our couch. Now we don’t even have to swipe left or right our heart rate will just decide for us. It’s actually incredible. Two things I hate doing most: making decisions and moving or being active. It’s like these people read my mind. If I could afford an Apple Watch I would totally use this, but I work for Barstool so I am poor which goes back to the whole lazy thing.

P.S. Aside from the whole lazy-ness aspect of this it’s actually pretty cool that technology can do that. You might find some weird fetishes you never knew about.