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Uncle Daycare - The Perfect Solution For Your Conspiracy-Theory-Relative This Holiday Season

COVID has affected all of us in some way or another, but combined with an election year there's no doubt everyone's 'one crazy uncle' was among the hardest hit. Pop on your tin foil hat & take a quick trip to their Facebook page and you'll see all the evidence you need. 

But times are tough and you can't turn your back on family... so how do you handle them, especially as the holidays draw near? This Gilly & Keeves sketch has the answer. Uncle Daycare

One of my favorite parts was the 'lady uncle' because it was like looking into a future I've just narrowly avoided with a few small life tweaks these past few years. Walk around the side neighborhoods of NYC long enough & you'll see dozens of these robe-clad ol' gals peeking through their blinds slats, cig smoke blowing through the window just waiting to yell about something.

You might recall some of these guys from Barstool crossover like KFC Radio or the hilarious Are You Garbage podcast, or from ::checks notes:: when they got very publicly fired from SNL. If you're from the Philly/NYC area & follow the comedy scene at all you'll know they've been in each others' orbits making sketches & shows for a long time. I first stumbled upon this crew all the way back in 2012 with a video about Pat Burrell banging every woman in Philadelphia. (This came out at a time when my friend's sister swears she hooked up with Burrell & that he had a baseball bat tattooed down the inside of his leg. I choose to believe it.) Anyways, as per usual I look forward to seeing what they come out with next.