Floyd Mayweather Gets Pissed and Bickers With a Woman Who Has No Idea Who He Is


Floyd’s world and we’re just living in it. That’s not a cliche sentence, that’s literally what he believes. He can’t read, but he doesn’t have to. Because in his world, reading doesn’t exist. All that exists is himself and stacks of cash. And am I jealous? Absolutely. That’s the dream. To be as selfish as possible and have money solve everything. So it’s the least shocking video of all time to see him fight a woman who has no idea who he is. Because in his brain, it’s impossible to not know. Despite the fact boxing is a dying sport, he lives in America, and she’s a mid age woman from England, he fully 100% believes he is more famous than the Queen. And I love him pretending not to know who Husain Bolt is. He’s so mad she doesn’t know who he is, he pretends not to know who Bolt is.

PS: For sure the people he pays to read stuff to him lie to him all the time. Or add stuff to contracts. Yes Mr. Floyd sir, it does say right here in the fine print you owe me 10% of your future wages. I eventually see him ending up like the old women who get ripped off by door to door salesmen and end up signing away all their money.

Still the funniest video ever.