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Ariana Grande Apologizes To America But Really Just Blames Fat People, Sooooo Apology NOT Accepted


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Hey Ariana, apology NOT ACCEPTED. Seriously what the fuck even is this? I don’t actually care about what Ariana Grande does or doesn’t do with her life. Lick all the donuts in the world and I still won’t care. But you don’t trash America and you certainly don’t trash fat people because you trashed America and are looking for an easy out. Child Obesity frustrates you? Really? You’re frustrated by fat children? Fuck out of here. They don’t need your pity, they already have to deal with getting wedgied and having their titties molested in the schoolyard. Not to mention being fat is what makes America, America. You think all those “fit” and “starving” countries aren’t jealous as fuck seeing all of our power? Come on. Don’t body shame me because you fucked up. Seriously I think I’m more upset about this whole pawning fat people off as an excuse for her comments than the actual comments themselves. Fat people aren’t an “out” Ariana, you fucking turd.




*Starts random USA, USA, USA chant because I don’t know how to end the blog*