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John Krasinski Brought Back 'Some Good News' To Save an Awesome Dad's Christmas With Help From The Rock

Well would you look at that, 'Some Good News'  with John Krasinski is back. The king has returned for the holidays! Jim Halpert's YouTube show was one of the best things to come out of the pandemic, almost always putting a smile on everyone's faces. For some reason whether it be John not wanting to continue doing it (understandable) or Viacom getting in the way, the show only lasted eight episodes. Thankfully they brought it back just before Christmas with some heavy hitters and an awesome story. He managed to get Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, and the Rock to join in on the good news as well. I'm usually a pessimistic down-in-the-dumps miserable sorta fella, but once they get to the story about this dad putting everything he's collected over his life for sale on eBay so he could buy gifts for his kids, well goddamn that's just awesome. 

Before you find out what they're going to do for him, they run through his backstory and how Krasinski tried to buy all of his stuff, but was denied. Funny enough, he thought 'The Office' star was a scammer trying to fuck with him online. I mean to be fair you see one dude trying to buy all your random shit that would creep me out too. Get lost John you fraud!

Well as this dude's story gets told you see how good of a dad he is, almost three years after losing his wife. Guy just wants to give his kids a good Christmas despite this messed up of a year. For all the bad people out there in the world, this guy doesn't deserve the shit of a hand he's been dealt. Luckily for him, the Rock and Krasinski stepped in to get his kids all the gifts they want so their dad doesn't have to sell his prized possessions. Not only that, but once the pandemic is over he's going to visit DC headquarters in LA, meet the Rock, and then get the personal script he used in his upcoming movie 'Black Adam.' That's so fucking cool. 

Every now and then we need to hear these kind of stories. Great stuff all around. I think down the road we could use a Rock/Krasinski Presidential run.