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This Year's Giants Pro Bowl Representatives Are James Bradberry And *Triple Checks Notes* Evan Engram?!?

I thought when the NFL announced that the Pro Bowl wouldn't take place this year, the amount of outrage about a game that nobody cares about would be minimal. But I am sitting here outraged over not one of my team's players being snubbed but instead over one of them making the team! Sure I would've liked it if Blake Martinez, Logan Ryan, Jabril Peppers, or Leonard Williams got the nod. But then I remember there is no reason to get upset over a Pro Bowl selection. You know why? BECAUSE EVAN ENGRAM MADE THE PRO BOWL! 

I get that it is a weak tight end field in the NFC because George Kittle and both Eagles tight ends have been hurt. But I honestly would be fine if you gave that spot to George Kittle's Entire Body Except The Broken Bone In His Foot over Evan Engram. Big Bob Tonyan seems to be the clear snub in this case considering their numbers are very close outside of touchdowns where Tonyan is clearly better, albeit with a Hall of Fame quarterback playing like a Hall of Fame quarterback. 

I personally would have voted for Tonyan for the Pro Bowl after simply hearing this:

This is nothing personal against Engram either since I truly root for all the Giants players to succeed, even if he causes Giants fans to drink more than their team, families, and jobs combined. But Engram kills countless drives by either dropping the ball, fumbling it, or batting it in the air which results in an interception for the Giants QB that threw it. If PFF kept track of how many turnovers a player is actually responsible for because of something they did or didn't do correctly, I think Engram would lead the NFL. Okay, Carson Wentz would be number 1. But Engram would be a close 2nd. However if you want a real stat that Engram does lead tight ends in, it is unsurprisingly drops.

Giphy Images.

On top of all that, Engram actually cost him team a division game and potentially a playoff berth with a drop on what would have been the game-sealing pass.

Be right back, I'm gonna go light myself on fire

I know Evan Engram is a physical specimen that seems like he should be a playmaker. Trust me, we've been hoping for him to be that guy since the day Jerry Reese drafted him in the first round for a team that could've used help at roughly a dozen other positions and has been a beast in Madden since his rookie year. To make matters worse, Engram occasionally flashes that crazy ability with a one-handed grab or a catch and run where flies past defenders. But the other side of the coin is that he murders those drives by dropping the ball and when he's asked to block sometimes look like Smitty trying to block Justin Tuck.

He is truly Evan Enigma, which would definitely be Frank The Tank's nickname for Engram if he was a Dolphin. If the NFL announced that Good Evan Engram made the Pro Bowl, I'd be fine with it. That guy rules. But Bad Evan Engram may be the worst player in the league just based on the damage he can do to his team. Regular Evan Engram was even shocked by the news that he is a Pro Bowler with what I imagine was 0 votes from Giants fans.

Whatever. The Pro Bowl doesn't matter even when it is played by players that were the fifth reserves because everyone else have no interest in flying to Orlando or wherever it's played now. I'm happy for Evan Engram and even more so for James Bradberry, who should have a chance at All-Pro. Maybe this honor or the entire Giants fanbase being outraged over said honor is the spark Engram needs to fulfill his potential. If him and Ramses Barden can become the players we hope they can be, this Giants offense will be unstoppable. Or at least better than more teams than just the goddamn Jets.